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Texture Tips: A Transitioning Kit

by Mahisha Dellinger on Thursday, October 8, 2009

According to “Happi” magazine, almost 10 million Hispanic, Asian and African American women have used hair relaxers to remove their natural curl/wave pattern. During the last 5-10 years, ethnic curlies have begun to embrace their natural textures, and the trend toward natural styles have resulted in lower sales in relaxers.

Are you currently servicing clients that are transitioning from relaxed to natural or on the cusp of taking that leap of “curly girl faith?” The good news is there are far more resources and quality hair care lines available today to aide you and your clients in their quest for curl freedom.

Where Do We Begin?

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: Curl Souffle is perfect for transitioners. It helps “bridge the gap” between natural and relaxed hair and smooths new growth

Your clients have a few choices. You can recommend that they a. grow out the perm (which takes time and patience), b. do the big chop — cut off all of the chemicals, or c. cut half of it off and get regular trims (~ 3-4″) every 3 months to speed up the process. Unfortunately, there isn’t a quick fix for this situation…you will have to do what is right for your client.

Very important note: The point at which your natural and your relaxed hair meet is THE most vulnerable…therefore is more likely to break if not properly handled and taken care of. You want to keep their hair well-conditioned and hydrated to ensure a smooth transition.

CURLS offers a “Transitioning Diva” kit that has all of the products needed to get you through this transition.

Here are a few tips to help your clients get through their transitioning time.

    CURL Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner

  1. You definitely want to recommend that they get a deep treatment with heat WEEKLY for the next few months. CURL Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner will transform dry, chemically damaged, over stressed tresses within minutes! This magical Asian tea formulation combines natural botanicals and vitamin packed extracts with rich, exotic emollients to moisturize, condition, strengthen and protect delicate locks.
  2. Recommend that they invest in the Hair Therapy Wrap, available on our website (and a few plastic caps) so they can also do at-home deep treatments.
  3. Reduce the amount of times per month you heat process their hair. If you currently are doing so 3x a month, cut back to 2x a month with a goal of 1x a month MAX! This will ensure the health and integrity of their hair.
  4. Make sure you give them regular trims…starting off with an inch or two is a great idea!

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Top Tips for Businesses

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