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How to do a Straw Set
with Strawllers

by Staff on Wednesday, June 24, 2009



Don’t be fooled by the name “Strawllers”! The “straw” in the title doesn’t refer to how the hair feels after being transformed — instead, it references the instruments used to achieve this look. Simple plastic drinking straws were the original tools to use for creating these tight, shiny, charming ringlets.

A straw set can create gorgeous spiral curls.

How to Achieve Straw Curls with Strawllers


Strawllers in the hair, above, and the finished result, below.

Start with clean hair. Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would.

Gently pat hair dry with a towel, taking care not to rub (rubbing contributes to frizz).

Separate the hair into ¼” to 1″ sections. Remember that the curl will be tighter if the hair section is smaller.

Prepare the hair for the Strawllers by folding the ends of the hair with the end paper.

Forming natural spirals, wrap sections of hair lengthwise around the Strawllers, starting at the bottom and rolling upward towards the scalp.

Secure hair by pinning the inside of the curl lengthwise against the scalp.

Dry hair under a hooded dryer until hair is completely dry, or allow hair to dry naturally.

Before unwrapping, ensure that the curls are completely cool. Gently unwind each Strawller one at a time.

Apply Strawllers finishing shine and gently separate and arrange the curls with the fingers.

— Source: Strawllers

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Top Tips for Businesses
Top Tips for Businesses

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Begin having frequent staff meetings and collaborate on business building techniques used by others that you work with. Every salon has success right inside. Get the top booker to explain how they do it. Pair the weakest with the strongest and let them work next to each other. They can learn from what they hear and see. Do the same with retail sales. Share the ways that the top stay on top.

With cross marketing other services, know who the salon leaders are and copy them. Your staff becomes a resource to each other and by sharing dialouge that works, we all win.

Geno Stampora, Stampora Consulting Inc.

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