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Helping Clients Make The Big Chop

by Ivan Zoot/The Clipper Guy on Thursday, August 4, 2011

You can see the fear in her eyes. You can hear the backpedaling in her conversation. You know in your head and your heart that she’s ready for the big chop, but how do you get her there? How do you get her saying, “Cut it, before I change my mind!”

1. Share stories of other big chops

Share stories and examples of other clients who have had the same reservations and have come to be thrilled about the cut and the decision to go for it. Use, “It was hard to do, but now I can see it was the best thing I could have done” type of examples.

It will help, too, if you can have a photo book already made of the big chop transformations.

2. Reflect back to successful decisions in the past

“Remember when we tried bangs?” Use “we” statements to show that you are in this with her rather than just an outsider to the decision.

3. Engage a third party

Solicit positive reinforcement about the decision from other cutters or clients in the shop. Peer pressure can be powerful when used supportively.

4. Eliminate negative influence

For example: a mother, daughter or friend who has come along and is pressuring against a big chop. Put this divisive voice in the waiting area to remove their influence.

5. Offer incentives

Sometimes a free cut check in a month, a half price bottle of conditioner or an included manicure is all the push a fence-sitter needs to say yes!

Sweep fast so as to prevent “cutters remorse” that can occur when she sees more hair on the floor than on her head.

Go for the big chop and have fun doing it.

And as always, remember to please share your comments and experiences with big change haircuts.

One Comment for “Helping Clients Make The Big Chop”
  1. by bornagain2011

    On September 1, 2011 at 2:13 am

    I agree with 1-5! My advice would be to tell her that our hair is begging to be free and do what is was born to do: which is grow long, full, and healthy. Also I would tell her how fun the big chop is by explaining the never ending list of fun things to do, like misting the hair with H20(mixed w/favorite oils) everyday! How fun and Moisturizing

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Top Tips for Businesses

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