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ClipperGuy: 5 Tips for Clipper Cutting Curly Hair

by Ivan Zoot/The Clipper Guy on Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ivan zoot

Ivan Zoot is the director of education and customer engagement for the Andis Company and the founder of Zoot! Hair professional hair care products. Ivan identifies, recruits, trains and manages Andis’ team of professional beauty industry educators. Ivan continues to be a featured presenter at industry shows and events, sharing his unique blend of information, education and enthusiasm for clipper cutting and the entire professional beauty industry. Ivan’s background includes experiences ranging from salon ownership to achieving 3 Guinness World Haircutting records.

Clipper cutting the shortest of curly hair styles is a skill unto itself. It can be a complete career. Following are my top five tips for successfully clipper cutting the shortest of clippered looks on naturally curly hair textures.


1 blade = 2 lengths: Every clipper blade leaves 2 basic lengths of hair in its wake. Understanding how to use this basic clipper fact puts the power of clipper cutting in your hand and on your client’s head.


Go with the flow: Clipper cutting with (in the same direction as) the hair’s natural growth pattern will remove less hair—leave more hair behind on the head. Think of cutting with the grain as long clippering. Clippering with the grain, no matter the clipper blade or guard length, leaves more hair on the head.


Swim upstream: Clipper cutting against the hair’s growth pattern will remove more hair—leave less behind on the head. Think of clipper cutting against the grain as short clippering. No matter the blade or guard size, clippering against the grain will take the hair down lower (shorter).


Fade away: Use the above information in points 1, 2, and 3 to literally rock the world of faded, short, close clipper cuts. Cutting from the top of the head, down, and alternating from working first with and then against the grain, you can make super-short faded haircuts a snap. The key blade rocking motion transitions these areas without visible demarcation, the hallmark of great faded clipper work. The tips will grow. The referrals will flow. Your profits will show.


Re-book: These short cuts grow out as fast, as they are short. Before you know it the client will be back in your chair. Super short clippered clients are viscously loyal, too. Become super-diligent about rebooking clients before they leave the shop and you will be packed solid before you know it. Once you are booked solid, exciting things happen. More on this in my next posting!

Building business in the super-short, clipper-cut sector of the curly hair market is fun and easy. The rewards are huge. The clients are loyal. The work is fun. The hair grows back fast. I would love to hear of your experiences, challenges and success stories. Please share.

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Top Tips for Businesses
Top Tips for Businesses

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Begin having frequent staff meetings and collaborate on business building techniques used by others that you work with. Every salon has success right inside. Get the top booker to explain how they do it. Pair the weakest with the strongest and let them work next to each other. They can learn from what they hear and see. Do the same with retail sales. Share the ways that the top stay on top.

With cross marketing other services, know who the salon leaders are and copy them. Your staff becomes a resource to each other and by sharing dialouge that works, we all win.

Geno Stampora, Stampora Consulting Inc.

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