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AG Kicks off New Look with Curls

by Michelle Breyer on Friday, January 1, 2010

AG’s new Curl category

Since it was launched six years ago, AG’s Re:coil curl activating balm has become a Holy Grail curl product for many stylists.

Beginning this month, AG Hair Cosmetics is undergoing a dramatic face lift. In addition to a new logo and new colors, the company is taking a new approach to finding the products that are right for your hair type.

The company is unveiling its makeover with the debut of its Curl category. Every other month after that, a new hair type-specific category will launch, with a color-coded system that will make it easy to find the right products.

Why are curls leading off the company’s new direction?

“We are kicking off with our top-selling, most popular line and we felt it would make the biggest bang,” explains AG spokeswoman Tatiana Jovic. “Re:coil has been our top seller since we launched it six years ago, in large part because of NaturallyCurly.com.”

In addition to the Re:coil Curl Activating Balm, Re:coil Shampoo and Re:coil Conditioner, the curl category also includes Details Defining Cream, Liquid Effects Extra-firm Styling Lotion and Mousse Gel.

“These were all products that were targeted at curly-haired people,” Jovic says. “We never actually categorized our products in the past, but we did recommend certain regimens. Now there’s no question what products are right for their curls.”

The change will also make it easier for stylists and their clients to find the right products for their clients.

In coming up with the new look, AG wanted to freshen up its signature bottles and make it easy to distinguish one category from another. This was accomplished through its bold new logo, a new splash of color and clear identification of the category.

The company also freshened up its web site and added a new tagline: Use. Love. Repeat.

“The tagline came out of the fact that AG doesn’t just have customers; they have converts— people who try the brand once, love it and are forever loyal,” says Katie Ainsworth, associate creative director of Rethink Communications.

Next out will be the Volume category, launching in March.

AG’s look has evolved since it was founded 20 years ago by John and Lotte Davis in Vancouver, Canada. But the 2010 changes are by far the most dramatic, and represent a new philosophy.

“After 20 years, we thought it was time for a new look and a new approach,” says Lotte Davis.

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  1. [...] desirable because they added weight and tackiness,“ recalled John Davis, co-founder and CEO of AG Hair Cosmetics. “Had you asked me two years ago, I would have told you that all of our products were oil free. [...]

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Top Tips for Businesses

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