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Fall 2012 Hair Color Trends

by Amanda Starghill on Friday, August 24, 2012

One reason naturals embrace their curls is for their love of versality. If your clients want to keep up with the trends without compromising their tresses, celebrity stylist Kiyah Wright has fabulous color techniques for extensions.

Not only does Kiyah Wright reign supreme as color queen, she’s styled the crowns of Kerry Washington, Chaka Khan and Tyra Banks and many other celebrities. She has also been the stylist behind the scenes of the Daytime Emmy Awards, MTV Awards and the Grammys.

This Clairol Professional Celebrity Colorist took the crowd by storm as she lead a seminar on fall 2012 color trends at the Bronner Bros International Hair Show. Below are her tips that will help you acheive ombre highlights, vibrant red color and chalking on wavy, curly and coils extensions for your clients.

To achieve these striking looks, which may be a far departure from any natural hues, hair extensions are the best route to protect the integrity of the hair.

1. Chalking

Chalking is an easy and fun way for curly clients to experiment with bright hues! You can bleach the extensions to the lightest blonde using a Clairol Professional Over 40 Volume Developer on the sections you want to place color.

Once you have bleached the extensions and blow-dried the hair, dampen those sections and roll sidewalk chalk in the desired hue up and down the hair. The color will transfer easily and won’t stain the hair. This is a great weekend look for clients that they can wash out for the work week.

2. Vibrant Reds

To obtain bright reds a la Rihanna, put a semi-permanent hair color such as Clairol Professional Jazzing in Red Hot into a bowl, cover it with a hair cap and heat it up in the microwave for about thirty seconds. The heat will help to create a super vibrant color.

Red in extension hair fades quickly, so advise your clients to return for weekly touch-ups, or if they are up to it, to try doing them in the shower. Mix Jazzing in Red Hot shampoo (a 1:1 ratio) to use when they come in for their weekly touchups.

3. Ombre

To achieve the ever popular ombre look seen on A-listers such as Drew Barrymore and Ciara, you can use  Clairol Professional BW2 Powder Lightener to bleach the extensions.

The lightener stops working after approximately 30 to 40 minutes, so if you rinse it out after 40 minutes and see an ashy hue, repeat the process.

Using extensions not only functions as a great way for clients to experiment with color, but it also preserves their health of their hair in the process. Let your clients know that this is a great way to enhance or change up their look with color and protect their tresses so they can opt for extensions and go for that vivacious red color they’ve been dying to try.

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Top Tips for Businesses

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Geno Stampora, Stampora Consulting Inc.

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