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Trendy Curly Updos for Weddings & Proms

by Alicia Ward on Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Wedding and prom season are here! We’ve got the run down on the last curly hairstyle trends for formal events this year. Veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa, show us how to achieve two trendy looks for this formal event season. Craig, Pravana Artistic Educator and DevaCurl Specialist, with over nine years of experience loves updos and shows us how to achieve these looks at home with ease.

Curly Updos
Curly Updos

Updos for Wavies (Type 2) and Curlies (Type 3)

Step 1: Start by diffusing and applying gel. Apply gel first then diffuse till dry completely dry.

Step 2: Start on the bottom half of the hair and pull curl by curl and pin to the side—right behind the ear (slightly to the side).

Step 3: Twist some pieces, while alternating side, keep the hair loose and kind of messy. It shouldn’t be perfect.

Step 4: Part to the side: Then start twisting the top—alternate side to side—keep it loose do not pull on the curl. Pin, alternating side to side.

Step 5: Leave a few pieces in front (only if the client has shorter bang pieces/framing).

Step 6: Complete the look with aerosol hair spray.

Curly Updos
Curly Updos

Updos for Kinkies (Type 4)

Step 1: Take small sections and French braid them around the head.

Step 2: Angle the pattern toward one side to give it more style.

Step 3: Pin the ends into the braids. It’s a very simple style.

Step 4: Can add flowers or a clip to accentuate the look.

Move Over Mickey: Premiere Orlando is Coming to Town!

by Cassadie on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This weekend, beauty professionals from all over the world will be taking over the land-o-Disney for Premiere Orlando, the largest beauty industry event of the year! I’ll be on the ground chatting with vendors, snapping pictures, and interviewing stylists to bring YOU, yes you, you NaturallyCurly-ites, the latest, greatest, and hottest from the show!

Out of the the hundreds upon hundreds of vendors and education programs here are a few things that I’m really excited to check out:

Curly Hair Tips/Tricks/Products/Styles: A no-brainer, yes, but flat irons, blow dryers, extensions, and straightening treatments still reign supreme. With a keen eye, however, there are always textured diamonds in the rough waiting to be discovered. I can’t wait to unearth this year’s gems!

The Main Stage: I fully expect to be dazzled by the world’s leading stylists who will be taking center stage and showing off their inspired looks at the “International Hair and Fashion Theater”. Nick Arrojo, Ted Gibson (of What Not To Wear), and the Paul Mitchell team to name a few who I’m looking forward to seeing.

The ”Upside Down Speed Cutting” seminar: Really!? Never thought I would use those words together in a sentence, but I’m intrigued and must know what this is all about. Must.

The Fight or Flight of the Keratin Treatment Series: Currently the Premiere Orlando program lists at least 10 different sessions on different Keratin treatments. But these popular - yet polarizing- straightening treatments have recently been under federal fire in the media for their allegedly high levels of formaldahyde. I’m interested to see how this recent news is being handled by these companies and stylists.

BONUS EXTRA CURRICULAR EVENT:The Curly Nikki meet up on Saturday June 4th! Curls!Mingling!Cocktails!Ohmy! I’m totally there so if you’re in Orlando, be sure to stop through! I would love to meet you!

Hot Summer 2011 Hair Trends

by Trash Talk with Anna Craig on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

From coast-to-coast, hair extensions and faded color is all the rage this season. Here’s a look at two hot summer 2011 hair trends.

Hot Summer 2011 Hair Trends

Hilary Duff

Feather Hair Extensions

Right now you cannot go anywhere without seeing people with feather hair extensions. You can dress them up or dress them down which makes them very versatile. They’re also huge at all the schools because the kids can get away with them; schools haven’t outlawed them because they’re a hair accessory. They can be washed, blow dried, curled, and flat ironed, and are safe for hair since they attach with a simple hair extension clamp.

You care for feather hair extensions just like a regular hair extension. The feathers come in all lengths, colors, sizes, and designs. However, if you’ve ever tried to order some for your salon, you’ll find out that they’re sold out almost everywhere. My salon was even approached by another salon to see if they could buy ours! But if you’re lucky enough to order some, you know that there are slim pickings right now because of the high demand. Feather hair extensions started out as fly fishing feathers from roosters, peacocks and various other birds. The poor fishermen are probably a little peeved at all the crazy hair stylists out there buying their stock.

Hot Summer 2011 Hair Trends

Jessica Biel

Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair color, reverse highlights, or balayaging or whatever you call it is also hot this year. Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Drew Barrymore, Hillary Duff are some of the celebrities who have been rocking this look for a while. This look means having a grown-out bleachy and dark-to-light fade of hair color, with the root starting dark and gradually lightening to the ends.

This look is achieved by coloring halfway up the hair strand to create a natural, sun-kissed highlight. Foils cannot be used because they will cause the hair to look too streaky. If the hair has previous highlights and the highlights are too high up on the hair shaft, you will have to create a dark root by coloring the roots to the midshaft their natural color, and sweeping the color down almost half way. Then you will have to go back and color the midshaft to create a natural highlight and to break up the line. Ombre hair color is more economical for many clients because they are able to go between appointments a lot longer.

8 Tips for Creating Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

by Alicia Ward on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

8 Tips for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

Veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa offers 8 tips to help your client get the perfect wedding hairstyle.

1. Ask for a photo

Always help your client select a picture to show you of someone with a similar hair type.

2. Think length

Talk to your client about length right away! Remind her if she want to rock longer locks on her wedding day make sure you are open to clip in or permanent extensions.

3. Suggest something new

Make sure to give your client a different look. It’s her BIG day—go fancy!

4. Keep her dry

Make sure to use a product that fights frizz and humidity. Look for products that contain anti-humectants.

5. Ask her to show up ready

Remind your client to wear her hair into the salon straight or curly, depending on the final style.

6. Apply more product than normal

7. Remind her to book a trial

Encourage your client to book a trial run. This will give her an idea of what her final look with be.

8. Hands off the hair!

Tell your client not to mess with her hair when it’s wet to keep frizz at a minimum.

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

by Alicia Ward on Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

This year’s prom hairstyles are all about natural, messy and casual looks. Perfectly placed updos have been replaced by long waves, curls and kinks pinned back, braids, twists, romantic, soft updos and messy buns.

Low Curly Ponytail

This look is great for prom because it keeps your hair out of your face during dinner and dancing, but still looks amazing in pics!

Tip: Use a frizz fighting gel to seal your locks so they stay defined and frizz free all night. Another tip is to use clear rubber bands so your look is more elegant.

Side Curly/wavy Ponytail

This is a flirty and fun look—another great look for prom. Easy to achieve and great for dancing. Just grab your curls or wavy pull the hair into a low side pony and put your rubber band on.

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

Tip: To make this look even more elegant or fancy, grab a few strands out of the ponytail and wrap it around your rubber band. This hides the rubber band and gives you a sophisticated look.

Messy is trendy. These prom hairstyles are incredibly stylish, yet aren’t sprayed in place, which is exactly why we went curl happy over them!

Selling Products: It IS Your Job

by Trash Talk with Anna Craig on Monday, March 28th, 2011

Anna Craig

Hair has been Anna Craig’s passion since she was 12 years old; this has always been her path in life. In 2001, she went to school in Tempe, AZ, at the Carsten Aveda Institute. After doing hair for about 5 years, she realized that precision haircuts were her specialty, after years of thinking that color was her calling. After doing hair in Arizona for several years, she took the plunge and moved to Texas, and her career took off. She soon opened her own salon, Trashy Roots Salon & Spa. There she became a Certified Deva Stylist, specializing in Curly Girl haircuts. She is also an Artistic Educator for Pravana, which gives her the opportunity to go out to different salons in the area and educate them on new products and techniques. She is very involved in her community—holding annual cut-a-thons, participating in benefit hair shows, and helping with local beauty schools.

It’s crazy the number of stylists out there that don’t sell or know how to sell retail to their clients. A common thing that I hear is “I’m not a salesperson.” But you are—sales is our business. Not only do you want your clients to use the best products out there for their hair, but you want them to come back to you. If a client can’t replicate her hair at home like you did in the salon, she’s more likely to find another stylist because her hair never looks good. If you show her how to style her hair with the proper products and educate her on how to use the products, she will keep coming back.

From the moment a client sits in my chair, I ask them about what products they have been using on their hair. This will also give you an idea of what kind of client they are. If they use tons of different salon brand products then you know they probably frequent a salon more often. If they use generic grocery store products just based on price, you might have a harder sell, but if the product is right you might have a deal. I then educate my client about what type of product my salon carries and how our products differ. I also let them know about any specials we might have going on. I talk to them about the different products I am using on their hair when I start to style their hair. Then, when I walk them up front to check out, I go over to the retail section and show them exactly what I recommend for their hair—and why. This is the chance to put products in the client’s hands so they can look at it. If a client touches the product they are more apt to buy it. I will again go over special sales when I am up front.

Salons should always have a product on sale or have a special. This helps put a focus on different products every month. If a particular product isn’t moving off the shelf, highlight that product this month so clients can get interested. If you receive a new product line, put a special on it, like 10% off, to get people to try it. Once they see how spectacular the products are, they’ll be hooked. Offering a trade-up program helps get the ball rolling—trade in 1 generic grocery store product for $5 off a salon product. Make sure your shelves are fully stocked, especially on the most popular products.

Retail plays such an important role in our salons. Salon products to a stylist are like a prescription to a doctor—they keep the clients looking good and happy just like a medicine keeps a patient healthy. It’s your job to keep your clients looking good at all times.

2011 Hair Styles: Trends from the hair show!

by Alicia Ward on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Do you know where trends come from or wonder why every magazine is telling you that something is the latest and hottest look? It’s because of events like America’s Beauty Show. America’s Beauty Show is where thousands of salon professionals like you will converge to learn from top industry pros about the latest products and techniques in hair, skin and nails. Then what you learn will be available at your salon – thus, creating the trends.

This year at America’s Beauty Show there were lots of hot new trends. Below we detail the hottest trends for curlies.

Platinum locks!

Make your client’s dark locks a thing of the past with the new hot trend of platinum curls! Everywhere you looked woman and men were rocking platinum locks. If you want to be give your client a bold look this season offer them a shade of platinum to kick their color up a notch.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Seeing Red!

Big bold red is very hot this season. The red of this season is a deep almost maroon and looks amazing on olive and dark skin tones – however, those with plate skin can pull it off too! This color will make your client stand out and add some serious dimension to their curls.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Cut it Short!

Say goodbye to those long layers and hello to short curl bobs! The bob has always been a classic style for curlies but it’s being taken to new extremes this year with fun layers and super short styles. Is your client ready for a big change? Give them a super short style today. Short styles allow your clients to show off their other features and play with accessories.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Offer Your Clients Sexy Beach Waves For Spring

by CurlStylist on Sunday, March 13th, 2011

beachy wavy hair

Step by step tips for getting beach waves at home

We’ve got a step-by-step guide to creating sexy beach waves at home in minutes from Butterfly Studio Salon owner Kattia Solano!

You’ll need:

1 inch to 1 1/4 inch barrel curling iron

A volumizing gel or spray such as Shu Uemura Tasai Cream

A light hold hairspray such as the heat activated setting spray, Soft Lacquer by Oribe

Step 1: Apply the volumizing gel or spray directly onto wet hair.

Step 2: Flip your head over and blow dry your hair to add volume to the roots.

Step 3: To add smoothness before using your curling iron, twist large sections of the hair around your finger starting at the bottom and twisting until there is tension.

Step 4: Separate your hair into four sections and apply your light hold hairspray directly onto the areas you will be curling (about 3 inches down from the roots and 3 inches from the ends).

Step 5: Place curling iron about 3 inches from the roots and wrap medium sections of the hair around the barrel. Be sure to stay away from the ends (you want your ends to appear straight).

Step 6: Continue around the head until all hair is curled.

Step 7: Apply a light hold hairspray all over and lightly scrunch the hair with your fingers.

Curly Cutting Deva Style

by Ivan Zoot/The Clipper Guy on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

ivan zoot

Ivan Zoot is the director of education and customer engagement for the Andis Company and the founder of Zoot! Hair professional hair care products. Ivan identifies, recruits, trains and manages Andis’s team of professional beauty industry educators. Ivan continues to be a featured presenter at industry shows and events, sharing his unique blend of information, education and enthusiasm for clipper cutting and the entire professional beauty industry. Ivan’s background includes experiences ranging from salon ownership to achieving 3 Guinness World Haircutting records. Here, he shares his cutting and business-building expertise.

I was a guest at a recent Deva Concepts Curlaboration program and participated in their curly hair cutting program. I learned a lot about the world of curly hair and specifically their take on how to cut it. Following are my top five reflections from that curly cutting experience.

1. Respect length: It is not that curly hair grows more slowly, it is that it takes a lot longer to show that length as the hair coils. To that end, every millimeter and month of growth is that much more precious. Go easy. Trim small. Respect the length that is so important to the curly client.

2. Cut dry: They wear it dry. It curls dry. Examine it dry and cut it dry to truly assess the behavior of the curl. Curls can vary throughout the head and once it is wet, all this information is lost.

3. Keep it simple: The kinds of hair cuts that would not make a bit of difference for straight-haired clients make a world of difference for the curly ones. Think simple. Clean up ends and define perimeter shapes. Remove some interior weight and open up face areas. Do not think in terms of complicated structural shapes. Think more maintenance and less creation.

4. Length and width: Focus on these two dimensions. How much length does the client wish to keep? Notice I did not say, “How much length do we want to remove?” How much weight must we retain to prevent the look from expanding sideways? We can alter length and width, but we want to do so slowly and carefully.

5. Make it an experience: Every element of the salon experience must be made special and memorable. Curly clients visit less often and so each visit must have that much more impact to sustain our relationship with them. Appealing to all five senses in powerful ways creates experiences that justify our prices and enhance the experience in the eyes of our clients.

Curly hair cutting can be a huge profit center in and of itself. Other companies beyond Deva offer curl specific systems and training but Deva has really separated themselves as the segment leader. In future posts, I will share more of what I am learning in the curly world. I welcome your thoughts, comments and experiences. Please comment and post below.

Fall Fashion Week 2011: Next Day Hair, The Latest Trend In Curl

by CurlStylist on Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Next Day Curls

Next Day curl - slightly disheveled and imperfect

One of the big trends today on the NYC runways for Fall 2011 seems to be next day. Rather than having curls appear fresh, perfect and uniform without any strays or flyaways, it’s now all about hair looking slightly disheveled, “next day” or even as celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler so eloquently described it, “Hair that looks like you’ve been living in the woods for three days.”

“We’ve seen a definite shift in curl this season,” says designer Rebecca Minkoff. “We’re creating next day hair that’s soft, subtle, with volume and movement like you just rolled out of bed.”

For the Nicolas K show, celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler easily created this next day texture by spritzing in Redken Nature Rescue and twisting the ends of the hair to create that lived-in, gritty, textured look. “This type of hair is a perfect compliment to the very edgy, street fashion that K was showcasing,” says Cutler.

Ouidad simply scrunched in Ouidad PlayCurl Volumizing Foam, went back into the hair with a curling iron, taking different size sections and wrapping it different ways around the barrel of the iron for variation in curl pattern.

“In seasons past, curls were uniform and perfectly kempt,” Ouidad explains, “whereas the curl we’re creating for this season’s shows is looser and natural - meaning there’s variation. It’s imperfect and not overdone.”

This is great news for curly women out there that don’t want to spend hours trying to perfect their curl. Next Day texture is low maintenance and easy to achieve, so go ahead and spritz in some curl-reviving spray, style with your hands and go - knowing that you’re totally on trend!

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