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Win Big with Matrix Curly Girl Blow-Out Challenge

by Alicia Ward on Friday, June 22, 2012

Lady with curly hair style

Matrix Curly Girl is challenging six salons to throw down their best blow-out techniques to see whose smooth style reigns supreme. Cast your vote by June 30th for the salon you think will give our Curly Girl the best & longest lasting blow-out. If your salon wins, you will be entered to win one of 50 gift baskets filled with the products the winning salon used on our Curly Girl (a $100 value)!

Enter on Facebook.

Check out the full details:

Our Matrix Curly Girl is challenging six area salons to throw down their best blow-out techniques and see whose smooth styling reigns supreme! Six salons, six weeks, ONE WINNER!

What do you win?

Bragging rights as the MATRIX CURLY GIRL BLOW-OUT CHALLENGE WINNER! (plus some great online advertising and exposure)

A trip for your WHOLE SALON to New York City for dinner and drinks with your Matrix Family!

What do you have to do?

Our Curly Girl will book an appointment at your salon for a wash and blow-out.

During the appointment we will be taking video:

You must tell us a little bit about your salon and why you love Matrix.

During the blow-out, share your secret style technique that will make YOUR blow-out the best.

You must tell us what Matrix products you used to wash & style PLUS what special instructions and products our Curly Girl must use to keep up her new smooth style (must include NEW Design Pulse Clean Remix Dry Shampoo).

Then what happens?

Our Curly Girl MUST follow your post-style instructions TO THE LETTER and try to last as long as she can without washing her hair!

Your Matrix Family will be watching closely to make sure she follows ALL the rules and will take a photo each day after to see how she’s doing!

After all six appointments, a winner will be chosen based on whose blow-out lasted the LONGEST and still looked good!

How will I know if my salon won?

In early June, we will launch the Blow-Out Challenge on Facebook!

All six salon videos will be posted online and we will ask our fans to vote for the salon THEY think should win the contest. We will advertise on consumer websites PLUS you will get free goodies to pass out to your clients to encourage them to vote for you online!

After the votes are in, we’ll upload the “after” photos one day at a time and then announce the winning salon. The fans who voted for the winning salon will get free samples of the products the salon used to give our Curly Girl the Best Blow-out!


The curly girl:

MUST follow the salon’s instructions exactly to make her style last as long as possible!

Can NOT seek professional help in maintaining her style.

MUST wear a full-coverage plastic shower cap when bathing during the life of the style.

MUST wear a plastic rain hoodie in the event of weather.

The Salon:

Can only use Matrix products in the care, style and follow-up regimen! Each salon MUST share the style secret that sets their blow-out apart.

The best blow-out can only be achieved through traditional tools and styling products — no Keratin or chemical straightening allowed!

Each salon must be have a Matrix Facebook tab and be in our salon locator. Each salon must sign the contest waiver.

Ready To Take The Blow-Out Challenge? Enter now!

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Top Tips for Businesses

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