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Keep Your Shelves Fully Stocked with Product

by Staff on Tuesday, September 15, 2009

  • Fully stocked shelves sell product. Seasoned retailers such as Tiffany and Ralph Lauren know to always feature fully stocked showcases, creating an appealing shopping environment.
  • As you sell product, gaps will form on shelf. Maintain a clean and abundant appearance of stock by pulling products forward on shelves to fill in gaps or replenishing with additional back inventory.
  • Always double- and triple-face shampoos and conditioners before treatments in your retail area, as they are your best chance for a sale.
  • — Source: Pureology

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    Top Tips for Businesses
    Top Tips for Businesses

    Business Building Techniques

    Begin having frequent staff meetings and collaborate on business building techniques used by others that you work with. Every salon has success right inside. Get the top booker to explain how they do it. Pair the weakest with the strongest and let them work next to each other. They can learn from what they hear and see. Do the same with retail sales. Share the ways that the top stay on top.

    With cross marketing other services, know who the salon leaders are and copy them. Your staff becomes a resource to each other and by sharing dialouge that works, we all win.

    Geno Stampora, Stampora Consulting Inc.

    Top Tips for Businesses