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How to Achieve Salon Perfect Curls in the Summertime

by Chair to Chair/Shannon McCarthy on Wednesday, April 27, 2011

shannon mccarthy

Shannon McCarthy is a senior stylist and educator for James Joseph Studio and James Joseph Salon. James Joseph Salon and Studios are the most award-winning salons in Boston with more than 30 local and national awards. James Joseph Salon has been named one of the Top 100 Salons in America by “Elle” magazine, and James Joseph Studio has been named the Best Affordable Salon in Boston. James Joseph has also been one of the Salon Today 200 three times.

With summer right around the corner, focus on helping your clients understand how to achieve salon perfect curls at home. Styling hair naturally in the summer months gives a huge benefit to their hair looking good all day. Giving them a few good products to fight heat and humidity and a few tips on styling will make a big difference for their summer look.

There are many good products to choose from, so understanding what you have in your salon and what has worked best for you with different textures will help to narrow down a few “go to” products. Anything that is humidity resistant will be a great choice for all curly clients. This will allow their hair to keep the puff factor at bay. I have previously worked with the Phyto line and found their Phtodefrisant to be wonderful. It is heat activated and will actually relax the hair with the heat from the air. If you have something like that available to your clients it will be their “go to” all summer long. Cocktailing a humidity resistant product with a hold product for more unruly curls will also give lasting effects. Finding products that will withstand the test of our clients’ busy days is a real challenge, so take time to educate yourself on the products available to you and your clients.

summertime curls

Caring for summertime curls

Taking a few extra minutes in the morning to twirl parts of the hair and/or hand forming ringlets will help their hair dry better and hold a shape throughout the day. Work with them while in your chair on how to best approach this. Taking a few sections around the face to ensure what is most seen will look better than if nothing was done. Possibly this will even encourage them to take the time at home. I start with the hair divided into 3 sections. One behind each ear and the back of the head as the third. Starting in the front and remembering to keep the hair evenly damp, twist small sections to form the hair in the way it naturally wants to curl. In the salon, I will continue this throughout the head. Diffuse hair a little or place the client under a dryer to reduce frizz. At home, doing just a few sections around the face will not only make them look better throughout the day, but they will appreciate what a great haircut they are getting.

Encouraging clients to shampoo as infrequently as possible in the summer months can also make a big difference. Curls form better when well moisturized. Give them the most moisturizing shampoo that is appropriate for their texture and density. On the off days, a very moisturizing conditioner will keep it soft and easy to manage. Tell them to comb it through in the shower and leave it on while showering. This will keep their hair as moisturized as possible in the summer months.

Behind every good looking client is a great stylist. Giving them great haircuts is not always enough. Educate your clients on products and tricks to make their life easier. Hopefully, the effect will be curly girls learning how to embrace their curls… at least in the summer.

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Top Tips for Businesses

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