Searching for Hair Texture Satisfaction

by Michele Musgrove on Thursday, September 1st, 2011

The old phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side,” refers to the tendency we humans have of examining each other’s lives and believing that others are better off than we are, even when they’re not.

Nowhere does that phrase ring more true than when it comes to contemplating our hair texture. Girls with thin, straight, lackluster locks always seem to be gazing over the fence at the girls with the curly, wavy tresses. And the girls with the natural whirls, twirls and kinks always seem to be sneaking a peek at the girls with the shiny, sleek hair.

And, aren’t we all glad that they do? That yearning is one of the most important motivators for driving clients into your chair. When clients are disillusioned with their hair texture, they seek shelter where a professional can offer them expert guidance and advice, a selection of skilled-based services, and shelves of products that benefit their unique hair type.

And, lucky are those clients who discover the wizened pros who help them understand, enhance and celebrate the beauty of their own texture, and teach them how to mix it up when the urge for change is irresistible.

As the cultures that make up America’s great melting pot continue to blend, a growing number of stylists are seeing the benefits of being able to work with a variety of waves, curls and kinks. By broadening their textural horizons, stylists are finding they can open up their books to a variety of new clients. Many soon discover they are tapping into an unmet need within their own communities, and before they know it, they’re being touted as texture experts and are catering to a whole niche market.

All in all, that’s good for business.

In the next edition of Texture!, brought to you through a collaboration of MODERN SALON and, we share strategies for honing and marketing your curl expertise, reveal the top five common curl mistakes, discover the boom in botanical oil-based products, and look into the new generation of Keratin treatments. As always, the texture conversation continues at MODERN SALON and

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