Stylist Jason Leo Hurst on West Coast Hair Trends

by CurlStylist on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Jason Leo Hurst of Dej Salon in Sherman Oaks, CA is a veteran stylist with 16 years experience in the hair industry. Being less than a thirty minute drive from Los Angeles, Jason has seen it all when it comes to hair and beauty. But before being well known on the west coast for his hair artistry, Jason actually kicked off his career in Soho, NYC at the Devachan Salon. The founders of DevaCurl helped Jason mold and perfect his craft, and before he knew it, he was in California practicing his passion. I recently chatted with him to pick his brain about the latest and greatest in the west coast curly community.

CurlStylist: Where do you find daily inspiration?

Jason Leo Hurst: I love helping curly girls that are desperately seeking solutions. I constantly hear things like “I’ve tried every product” and “I cannot find anyone who understands my hair.”

CS: What are your favorite curly hair cuts or styles to perform on clients?

JLH: I love big hair! My favorites are long, layered, and full. I also enjoy cutting angular bobs with an edge.

CS: Which hair products do you love to use?

JLH: I love DevaCurl’s NoPoo. It’s simplicity and performance transforms dry textured hair while preserving hair color like no other! Elita makes a hair mask that is also great. I use it solely as a leave-in styling aid in the dryer. It truly performs. It has just the right amount of emollients to provide shine and weight to control frizz! Having only one hair product for my clients to use is truly life changing for them!

CS: What are some hair trends you are seeing a lot of nowadays?

JLH: Balayage hair color and beach waves!

CS: Finally, what is one thing you wish every curly man or woman knew about their hair?

JLH: I want them to know that it CAN be easy!

If you are in the Sherman Oaks area, you may book an appointment with Jason at Dej Salon on the website, Or, contact the salon by phone at (818) 981-4440.

Curly Hair Artistry

by CurlStylist on Thursday, February 27th, 2014

Since founding NaturallyCurly 15 years ago, I’ve noticed some unique things about the curl market.

  1. It was largely ignored until recently, despite a world where more than 60 percent of the population has curls, coils and waves.

  2. It exists primarily because of the grass-roots efforts of a small but  growing number of passionate entrepreneurs who have worked to fill the voids they see.

The latest example of this ingenuity is Curly Hair Artistry, a 1-year-old group of curl experts who have banded together to provide education and support to other stylists who have made waves, curls and coils their niche.

“We as hairstylists have come to realize that curly hair should not be treated the way we are taught in cosmetology schools across the globe,” said Scott Musgrave, a curl specialist in Cary, N.C. with 3b ringlets himself. “A simple fact emerges – wavy, curly and multi-textural hair is not treated with respect for what I is but is treated as something to fix.”

Musgrave said he was working on some unique business models with his  own  and started receiving questions from other stylists about how he was doing what he was doing.  He began working with a small group of stylists, and decided to pull together a group of the best curl stylists in the industry – a group that could help each other in this specialized niche.

Curly Hair Artistry was born. The original 20 has grown to more than 85, hailing from all over the globe. Their gathering place is their own gathering place.

“We at Curly Hair Artistry make the art, methods, techniques and the business of working with curly hair a priority,” Musgrave says. “We can influence not only the artists working with curly hair, but more importantly the more than 65 percent of the population who has some form of wave, curl or multi-textural hair who sits in our chairs every day.”

“It’s a natural draw – a passion that creates connections. You see, we are a rare breed and require certain attributes that need nurturing and vision to draw out and improve.”

Dianne Nola of Nola Studio in San Francisco is an enthusiastic member of Curly Hair Artistry, and traveled to the first training symposium in October in Atlanta, where 30 stylists gathered to train with Lorraine Massey, one of the founders of Devacurl.

The members provide each other with the unvarnished truth. Common topics include new product discoveries, the most effective cocktails and the nuances of cutting and coloring curls. They have discussed the cheapest place to buy microfiber towels as well as the most comfortable shoes to wear when you’re doing a 2-hour curly dry cut. They often share stories about difficult clients and business challenges. Stylists post before and after photos, showcasing styles they’re especially proud of.

She said it’s a very supportive community, where the goal is to help each other grow their businesses. They often refer clients to each other.

“It’s completely empowering,” Nola says. “My eyes just keep opening.”

The sky’s the limit for Curly Hair Artistry. Training sessions are coming up in Washington D.C. in May as well as Los Angeles in October. There’s even the possibility of creating a Curl Academy one day where stylists from around the globe could come to learn about latest cutting and coloring techniques for curls, coils and waves.

For me personally, it’s shocking that in 2014 beauty schools don’t address texture in their curriculum, and this isn’t likely to change dramatically in the near future. Most discussions about texture focus on how to chemically straighten it.

I was thrilled to hear about Curly Hair Artistry, which is filling a void.

“Beauty schools may teach about it, but antiquated requirements make it difficult to take the necessary time to really understand all the different curl types, porority, chimstry and what makes curly hair do what it does,” he ssays. “I believe it should be pursued after school, because you can’t make someone like working with something they don’t care about. Not every stylist cares about wavy, curly and multi-textural hair.”

Musgrave’s own obsession began with the corkscrews on his own head, and his frustration with an industry that “mistreats and misinforms those with curly hair.”

While working as a stylist, he read “Curly Girl: The Handbook” by Lorraine Massey.

“Ever since then, I started tweaking my cuts, doing things differently than other stylists,” he said. “It was working. I developed a service experience that changed the way a client is treated and gave them the best information to help them embrace their hair even more.”

For more posts like this, check out Michelle Breyer’s personal blog, The Curly Connection

Beauty Industry West’s Legend of Beauty Luncheon

by CurlStylist on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Every other year, Beauty Industry West’s Board of Directors selects a recipient for the Legend of Beauty Award based upon the criteria of an innovator whose thinking, commitment and practices have changed the direction of our industry in significant ways, and one who has contributed to the advancement of the beauty industry as a whole.

This year John Paul DeJoria was selected, and he will share his experience in co-founding John Paul Mitchell Systems, the initial challenges, as well as his environmental commitment and distribution choices that have distinguished him as a true leader in the professional beauty industry.

In 2007 he signed a legally binding document dictating that none of the family members or generations to come are to sell part of or the entire John Paul Mitchell Systems Company for 360 years, ensuring that the products will always remain professional and will stay where they started, with the Mitchell and DeJoria families.

John Paul DeJoria’s rags-to-riches story exemplifies the American dream - once homeless, he struggled against the odds to achieve success, launching three global enterprises and paying it forward, living by his motto, “Success Unshared is Failure.”  With just $700 he started John Paul Mitchell Systems, converting it into the largest privately held salon hair care line, and later turned a passion into success by co-founding Patrón, the world’s number one ultra-premium tequila. A longtime activist for sustainable business practices and corporate responsibility, John Paul makes these practices paramount as he continues to evolve and grow his businesses, and inspire others.

Click here to register for the event.

PBA’s CUT IT OUT Calls on Beauty Pros

by CurlStylist on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Help Raise Awareness and Funds to Stop Domestic Violence this October

Phoenix, AZ (August 30, 2013) October marks Domestic Violence Awareness month and highlights an issue that continues to affect countless women, men and children. As one of the Professional Beauty Association’s (PBA) main charitable outreach efforts, PBA is calling on beauty professionals and salons to support the CUT IT OUT: Salons Against Domestic Abuse program by participating in the CUT IT OUT “Give The Power Back” Drive to help raise awareness and funding to stop domestic violence. Salon professionals in particular have the extraordinary opportunity to give hope and help to clients and co-workers who are in abusive relationships.

While CUT IT OUT is an ongoing effort that builds awareness through complimentary display materials and trains salon professionals to recognize warning signs of abuse and safely and confidentially help clients, colleagues, friends and family find local resources for help, the Give The Power Back Drive is an opportunity for salon owners and beauty professionals to host a fundraiser of their choice during October to highlight how domestic violence is still an issue that affects many. Fundraising suggestions include donating tips, donating a percentage of sales, donating a percentage of each service, and/or soliciting donations from clients. Pins with purple awareness ribbons from Great Clips®, a premium sponsor of the CUT IT OUT program, are also available and can be sold as an additional way to raise funds. PBA recommends participants donate 50 percent of the money raised to a local domestic violence resource/shelter and 50 percent to CUT IT OUT. Those who cannot participate in October can still donate directly to CUT IT OUT throughout the year.

To help beauty professionals and salons in their fundraising efforts, CUT IT OUT will provide a complimentary “marketing toolkit” upon registration with a customizable press release, flyer and donation cards to help market efforts to their clientele and the community. Complimentary CUT IT OUT posters and safety cards are also included, which can be displayed in the salon and include the national domestic violence hotline number for those affected by domestic violence to call for help. (The CUT IT OUT posters and safety cards can also be ordered for free at any time during the year.)

Participation is simple and can help save a life. To learn more and register, visit or email The Great Clips® pins, made of high quality steel and available in gold or silver can be ordered by calling 800-999-5959 or emailing Pins are $1 and Great Clips will pay for shipping. No order minimum.

About PBA Charities:

The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) believes strongly that every member has the power to make a difference. Through our Charitable Outreach programs and partnerships, we seek to engage professionals in giving back to their industry and communities. Along with our Charitable Outreach programs, PBA provides our members with Government Advocacy, Signature Events, Education, Research and Business Resources. Visit for more information.

Curly Hair Artistry Symposium

by CurlStylist on Monday, September 30th, 2013

Hair Stylists across the country & Europe are looking for advanced curly hair education to help them understand the “how to” of cutting with style and design concepts, and how to teach their natural curly clients an individualized routine they can do at home.
Getting his license in 1986 and having curly hair, Scott Musgrave, owner of Scott Musgrave Hair in Cary, N.C., has been working with curls all his life. Training was very limited and it was in the year 2000 that Scott was inspired by reading the first edition of Curly Girl the Handbook by Lorraine Massey that ignited Scott’s passion for what others are born with and began focusing his journey to be exclusive in building up his curly hair business.
Scott began reading, researching and experimenting the ins and outs of what has worked for other stylists and from his own clients. One mandatory step was to get training from what is known as The Deva Method and in 2011 he became a DEVA Inspired trained stylist. Scott always tells other stylists that, “This training will instill a significant understanding of products, ingredients and curl care through their cutting method and getting rid of frizz through their excellent product line.”
Knowing that each head of curly hair requires a unique blend of products, application techniques and cutting methods, he continued experimenting and expanded his reach for curly hair products with bringing another curl line into his care for curls with a brand called Jessicurl. Scott says, “Jessicurl was developed over 10 years ago through a passion for wanting a product that was made in the kitchen with ingredients not found in products back then.”
Over the past 2 years, Scott has worked hard by listening to the demand of curly hair people all over the world and is expanding the vision of what is possible with curly hair by creating a curl cutting method called The Cubist Curl Cut and a product application method that helps to get rid of frizz that he calls The “MAP”.
Also during this time Scott went online with a website at and was posting tips and guidance on Facebook and a blog called MagiCurl (found on Scott’s website) that other stylists were inquiring about product usage, cutting methods and building their own business based on what Scott was achieving. This lead to developing a private group of hair stylists that have a passion for working with curls and as the group has grown with members all over the world and the methods discussed worked and helped others to achieve their vision, it was a natural progression to have our first event of advanced curl education.

Curly Hair Art Symposium

October 19 -21, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, he will host, along with Robin Sjoblom, the first Curly Hair Artistry Symposium for licensed hair professionals who will be attending from all over the USA and Canada. Stylists will contribute their own experience with each other and special guest curly hair artists will present information based on their own passion and methods of working with curly hair. We will even celebrate with having a toast for the author of Curly Girl the Handbook Lorraine Massey.
The event is sold out, and with talks of more to come, we have hope in knowing that curly hair as an art form is alive and well because stylists are growing with excitement to gain more curly hair knowledge and to expand our small niche arena through education. Also, what is more exciting is knowing that the clients are learning about this and are just as passionate in knowing that their hair will be treated the way it should be treated.

Be Beautiful Salon Tour: The Kickoff!

by CurlStylist on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

The hottest television network launching this fall isn’t on cable–it’s in the salon! The Beauty Media Network (BMN) celebrates its official kickoff of the BE BEAUTIFUL Salon Tour oMonday, September 30th from 8 -11 do at The View in Atlanta, GA. This exclusive network of in-salon programming provides the most exciting content on beauty, fashion, healthy eating, fitness and more to style enthusiasts nationwide via proprietary BMN monitors and media players, allowing salons and consumer brands to turn regular TVs into target marketing powerhouses. Presented by BASIC Hair Care and Motives for LaLa, the kickoff party will immerse attendees in the full BMN experience through do’s 360-degree multimedia capabilities, showcasing BMN’s new programming throughout the venue.

This mix-and-mingle affair will convene Atlanta’s salon professionals, beauty brands, industry elite and local media to celebrate BMN’s programming expansion while learning more about this innovative new media channel exclusively for salons, nail shops and spas.

“BMN is a about providing salons, and their clients alike, with the latest in HOT fashion content, beauty and hair tutorials, celebrity photo shoots, music videos, movie trailers and more!” states Kim Cones, President and CEO of the Beauty Media Network. “At the same time, BMN’s platform incorporates salon programming, showcasing salon social media pages, stylist specialties, stocked retail lines and salon events and promotions that ultimately makes BMN an always-present salesperson that keeps salon clients engaged.”

Salon and beauty industry professionals will get to experience BMN’s innovative technology firsthand at the BE BEAUTIFUL Salon Tour kick-off party while also being the first to see BMN’s new programming, including programs from:

  • celebrity makeup artist Mia “Mimi” Johnson,
  • celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson,
  • textured hair styling portal,
  • fitness and nutrition expert Andrea Riggs, and
  • sponsored content by BASIC Hair Care, Motives for LaLa and Princess Hair Shop to name a few of the new, featured programs.
  • Following the kick-off event onSeptember 30th, six of Atlanta’s most high-end salons will extend the BE BEAUTIFUL Salon Tour celebration from October December 2013 in their establishments.  Open to both their existing clientele and the general public, the salons’ events will feature themed parties introducing the new salon programming on BMN monitors, new beauty related programs from content partners and sponsors, along with live pop-up shops hosted by Princess Hair Shop, Motives for LaLa and BASIC Hair Care System.

    Participating Tour salons and salon party dates include:

    Sha’Mari Salon

    Oct. 25th, 7-10 p.m.

    Drexina Nelson Salon

    Nov. 14th , 7-10 p.m.

    Capaul’s International Salon

    Nov. 19th, 4-7 p.m.

    Oh My Nappy Hair! Salon

    Dec. 12th, 7-10 p.m.

    Purple Door Salon

    Dec. 14th, 8 p.m.- Midnight

    To request more information on becoming a BMN salon, contact Al Conesat or visit  For general advertising inquiries to promote your products or services on the Beauty Media Network, contact Tori Allen, Brainchild Associates at

    Behind the Cover with Stacy Hill

    by CurlStylist on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

    Curl stylist Stacy Hill was the brilliant stylist behind the latest Texture! cover, and we had the pleasure of interviewing her about her work, her inspiration, and her favorite trends!

    CurlStylist: Congratulations on your cover! The first thing we noticed is that you featured several different textures on one woman’s head - just like in real life! How do you recommend stylists and curly haired women work with the multiple textures?

    Stacy Hill:I recommend learning to work with each texture instead of working against them. Know that you may have to use more that one product, especially if some of your curls are extremely loose while others are tightly coiled. You may also have to try multiple methods, like twisting the front top portion of your hair if it has “gone straight” from constant smoothing and brushing. Embrace each pattern and learn to love your hair.  Be confident in styling your hair and get creative.  Don’t be afraid to create new trends.

    CS: How do you take high fashion styles from runways or magazine covers and interpret them as wearable looks for curlies?

    SH: We use magazines for inspiration only. There are so many fierce high fashion styles, but the reality is they’re not very practical or wearable for everyday life. For our photo shoots, there are no limits; but for day to day, we rework those looks and tone them down. For example, we may use more of the client’s natural hair and less extensions for a more natural look; or we may use less stuffing in our bouffants and chignons so that they’re not as big and heavy. We also push ourselves to innovate and create styles that we haven’t seen in the industry or in editorial. We always want to be a few steps ahead so clients will look to us for something different.

    CS: What was the inspiration behind your Modern Day Princess cover? What is a Modern Day Princess to you?

    SH: Our awesome makeup artist, Whitney Norris, came up with the idea of Modern Day Princess. Our whole brand promotes self-empowerment and knowing that you are beautiful, so the concept made perfect sense. The cover style was done by one my talented stylists Brittany Adams, and the photos on pages 24-28  were a collaboration of the entire style team. A Modern Day Princess is strong, confident and unapologetic for being fabulous. She’s not perfect, but she sincerely tries to utilize all of her strengths to be the best version of herself that she can be! She’s supportive and empowering to others and wise in knowing that they’re sparkle brightens her crown.

    CS: Any tips for women who want to recreate your cool bouffant look?

    SH: To recreate the look simply allow natural curls to dry after applying the proper curl enhancing product.   If your hair isn’t long or full enough you may need extra textured hair to add as a stuffing. Slightly tease the top of the hair, shape your bouffant with the teased hair, and secure it with bobby pins. Remember to keep the texture in tact.  The sides of the bouffant can be smoothed more or less, depending on how dramatic you want the look to be. For the back of the hair,” DyeVerCity Glam Extensions” were added and tightly wanded on a pencil size curling wand.  Once extensions were in place, the curls were picked apart to match the model’s natural wave pattern, while still adding a slight contrast.

    CS: What products did you use to create the look?

    SH: First,My Honey Child Aloe Vera Leave In was applied to the hair all over.
    PUR Whip Hair Jelly by Afroveda to define the curl.  Syntonics edge define to smooth edges in place.  Design Essential spritz to hold hair in place.

    CS: What’s your favorite trend in texture right now?

    SH: I love big, curly textured hair with pops of color.  The awesome thing about texture is there are no rules for styling.  You can get so creative and create so many different styles.  Check out pages 24-28 and that will show some of the DyeVerCity of beautiful textured hair.

    Texture! 2013

    by CurlStylist on Friday, August 30th, 2013

    The latest edition of Texture! by Modern Salon is now available online here.
    Get in on the income-building opportunities! No longer a supporting player, texture has staked out a starring role at the salon.

    Remember when you could barely find an established brand that carried even one product targeted to curly hair, much less an entire line? Times have changed! At CosmoProf this year, every brand had a texture focus. Brands that have been emphasizing volumizing formulas over products for curlies are starting to reverse that priority.

    Follow the money? Yes! It’s just a matter of dollars. Brands are taking the texture category increasingly seriously because services and products for curly clients generate income. Curl-refreshers are rising to become top-selling products along with products that manipulate texture through defining and reforming the curl.

    It’s still early enough in this texture renaissance for you to position yourself and your salon as texture trendsetters. Education is key, to learn not only how to cut and style all hair textures, but also how to provide services that dramatically change texture. This season, even updos are showing texture! The category includes smoothing services, but more and more artists and educators are talking about perming services, too, as straight-haired clients are beginning to put texture on their wish list. It’s also essential to update your knowledge for clients who want to transition from relaxing services to a natural look.

    With formulas “teasing out” different textures, product knowledge is more important than ever. Clients are dependent on your professional eye to prescribe products that will nourish their individual texture and deliver the look when they do it at home.

    Want to add texture dollars to your business? This issue of Texture!, a twice yearly collaboration between MODERN SALON and TextureMedia, offers an A-to-Z guide on how to become part of this lucrative conversation. Join up!

    The Texture! Editors

    The Paul Mitchell Gathering

    by CurlStylist on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

    This year’s annual Paul Mitchell® Gathering theme is I’MPOSSIBLE, because EVERYTHING is possible when you partner with John Paul Mitchell Systems®! TextureMedia will be joining the Paul Mitchell family of artists and industry leaders to jumpstart our creativity with new ideas, techniques and products.

    The Gathering will include phenomenal, inspirational main stage presentations to help stylists custom create their learning journey by selecting four advanced hands-on workshops featuring all aspects of design, artistry and business.
    This is a chance for stylists to network, party, play, learn…it’s ALL possible! Owners and managers can choose interactive business classes that include leadership, marketing, social networking, finance, merchandising and general business development strategies.
    The Gathering will get off to a high-energy start with a live performance from Vintage Trouble, an up-and-coming blues-rock band that opened for The Who and Rolling Stones just this year. The Grand Opening event will host a sold-out audience of over 3,500 salon professionals at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. But if you’re not attending, you can still participate!

    Paul Mitchell is LIVE streaming The Gathering’s Grand Opening, as well as the Grand Finale show on the following day.
    It’s easy to tune in:
    1. Visit from your home computer or mobile device at showtime
    • Grand Opening: Monday, August 12 at 9am PT/12pm ET
    • Grand Finale: Tuesday, August 13 at 3:45pm PT/6:45pm ET

    2. Click on the PLAY BUTTON
    3. Engage with us on Twitter by following @PaulMitchellPro and using hashtag #PMGathering

    NAHA Winners 2013

    by CurlStylist on Monday, July 22nd, 2013

    Allen Ruiz Captures NAHA’s Top Honor, Hairstylist of the Year for Second Time

    Phoenix, AZ (July 14, 2013) The  North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), a Professional Beauty Association (PBA) event and the most prestigious photographic hairstyling and beauty competition in North America, is pleased to announce the winners of NAHA 2013. The winners were recognized July 14, 2013 during a star-studded ceremony held at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. More than 3,000 beauty professionals attended, along with tens of thousands of viewers from across the world who tuned in to watch the live streaming broadcast on

    NAHA’s top honor, Hairstylist of the Year, was presented to Allen Ruiz, from the Jackson Ruiz Salon in Austin, Texas. This is Ruiz’s second NAHA Hairstylist of the Year honor, making him only one of three hairstylists that have achieved this honor more than once.

    NAHA honors artists in 14 distinct categories, including an award for Makeup Artist of the Year. For the 2013 competition, PBA introduced the Men’s Hairstylist of the Year category. The NAHA 2013 winners in their respective categories include:

    Master Hairstylist of the Year: Dimitrios Tsioumas, Mizu New York, New York, NY

    Hairstylist of the Year: Allen Ruiz, Jackson Ruiz Salon, Austin, TX

    Newcomer Stylist of the Year: Jeremy McDougle, Lunatic Fringe Salon, Salt Lake City, UT

    Avant Garde: Matt Swinney, Evolution, Minneapolis, MN

    Contemporary Classic: Geno Chapman, Julian August, Los Angeles, CA

    Haircolor: Sue Pemberton, Sue Pemberton LLC, Henderson, NV

    Editorial Stylist of the Year: Sherri Jessee, Sherri’s Hair Salon, Bristol, VA

    Men’s Hairstylist of the Year: Matthew Morris, Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare, Denver, CO

    Student Hairstylist of the Year: Stormie Roberts, Eric Fisher Academy, Wichita, KS

    Make-Up Artist of the Year: Katy Albright, Katy Albright, Waxhaw, NC

    Texture: Anthony Cress, Studio 4 Salon, Newport Beach, CA

    Salon Team of the Year: Lunatic Fringe Salon, Salt Lake City, UT

    Salon Design: Mitch Men’s Salon, Normal, IL

    Salon MBA: Neroli Salon & Spa, Milwaukee, WI

    NAHA Red Carpet Highlights: NAHA continues to garner more and more celebrity recognition with each show. This year proved no exception. Finalists and attendees mixed and mingled with other guests and celebrities on the red carpet, including NAHA 2013 host Mario Lopez, and visitors Pamela Anderson and Dita Von Teese.

    Awards Ceremony & Artistic Presentations: This year marked 24 years of the NAHA Awards Ceremony. In addition to the presentation of the awards, the high-energy event featured artistic presentations from Aveda, KAO/Goldwell and Dimitrios Tsioumas, recipient of the 2012 Hairstylist of the Year NAHA.

    This was also a great night for Dimitrios Tsioumas.  The People’s Choice honor went to Master Hairstylist of the Year winner Tsioumas of the Mizu New York salon in New York, NY.  NAHA attendees and viewers were asked to select their favorite in the Master Hairstylist of the Year category via text.

    Special Honorees: Renowned actor, author, entertainment journalist, producer and father Mario Lopez was this year’s recipient of the PBA Beautiful Humanitarian Award for his outstanding contributions to an array of charitable causes, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Community Youth Athletic Center of Chula Vista, Jameson’s Army, and Padres Contra el Cancer. Lopez also hosted the 2013 NAHA Awards Ceremony.

    Judging: NAHA continues to draw from a diverse and internationally renowned list of hairstylists and makeup artists from around the world. Judges included Vivienne Mackinder, five-time NAHA award winner, founder of, and editor-in-chief of MOD magazine; Tabatha Coffey, author, stylist and host of Bravo’s Tabatha’s Salon Takeover; Nicholas French, renowned UK stylist, author, and speaker; and Damien Carney, prominent beauty industry educator, founder of hairstyling academy Damien Carney London, and NAHA finalist along with many other top hairstylists from around the world! Via a blind judging process, entries were narrowed down to five finalists per category, and only one winner in each category was chosen.

    New for NAHA 2014: 2014 will mark NAHA’s 25th anniversary, making it the longest running professional beauty competition. PBA and the NAHA committee will showcase the history of NAHA and what they have meant to the professional careers and lives of so many talented hairstylists throughout the years. The 2014 NAHA Awards Ceremony will no doubt be filled with even grander artistic presentations and the biggest names in the professional beauty industry.

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